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“STARTUP DB” is an information platform that integrates a database of startups and start-up companies in the domestic growth industry, interviews with entrepreneurs and investors, and original research content such as industry and company analysis by STARTUP DB editorial department.

Have you experienced that you got information scattered around a variety of websites on the search results when you tried to find startup comapnies information?

With STARTUP DB, you can easily find out a variety of information about startup companies you care about by centralizing the information and enabling cross-referencing of media content/company database.

This service will be released for free. We want to be used by a wide range of users.


“Information platform specialized for growing industries, evolving daily”
In addition to updating the ever-changing company information, we will reflect feedback from our users and the needs of the market. By doing so, we will gradually add functions necessary for the acceleration of Japan’s growth industry in the future. We will evolve as a valuable information platform not only for the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors but also for players in the growth industry.


【Overview of the Service】

1: Database of Companies in the Growth Industry
A database that unifies information (※) about newly emerging companies and startups in the growth industry field. In addition to company name search and category search, you can also refine search by funding amount, number of employees, listing category, age of establishment, etc. ※ The following information can be viewed in our database. Company Information: Company Overview, Company Introduction, Service Information, Finance Information, Board Members, Competitor Information, Press Releases, News

2: Media Articles
Our theme for our media content is “for Challenge”. We encourage our readers to become interested in entrepreneurs and startups in the growth industry area and aim to inspire readers to take on new challenges. Amongst many of our interviews with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, we share a special interview with former TechCrunch Japan editor-in-chief Ken Nishimura and entrepreneurs. In addition, the STARTUP DB editorial team will post original articles analyzing companies and markets.

※There are articles from our STARTUP DB editorial that utilize non-affiliated companies logos; if there are any issues with this usage, the images may be removed or replaced with one deemed appropriate.

3: News
Information on funding rounds, service releases, business alliances, and other news and press releases.

4: Finance information
We provide financial information on startups and newly emerging companies. As it is linked with the corporate database, if there is a company you are interested in, you can immediately look it up. Also, you can refine search by funding date and funding amount.

5: Career Counseling
At STARTUP DB, if you are interested in startups, experts who are familiar with startup companies and markets can offer advice on starting a career in the startup industry. Our experts can suggest the best position to suit your needs and give a recommendation to companies if you wish (We are happy to provide for free).